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Happy birthday, Sonny!
On 23 April 2014

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Sophie Online would like to wish Sonny happy birthday! It seems he's having a wonderful day along with his parents (check Sophie's Facebook or Instagram)!

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Meeting Sophie
On 18 April 2014

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Hello, this is Wextor! And I'm here today to tell you the unforgettable experience I had meeting Sophie. She's so adorable!

My love for Sophie and her work started 11 years ago, and just this month I had the lucky chance to attend her two gigs in London, as well as meeting her.  The gigs took place at the charming Union Chapel, which was a very single experience for me and made Sophie’s concert even more magical. On both dates, a band called Us Baby Bear Bones was the opening act. It was quite enjoyable and I really liked their songs, so I bought their CD and they signed it for me.

Later on Sophie went on stage, singing “Birth of an Empire”, followed by “Until the Stars Collide”. She was like an Ice Queen while singing both songs, no smile and no talking just singing them beautifully in an expressive way. After these songs, the Ice Queen melted and she became very interactive with the audience, talking and smiling. I could notice that on the second day, the Ice Queen character faded away faster, as she couldn’t resist the audience applause and said thanks before “Until the Stars Collide”. She was wearing a red dress with some colorful images on it, which I couldn’t get what they meant. The dress also had “Wanderlust” written on it.

On the first day, when she turned back to drink some water to sing the next song, Richard, who was a part of her band, made a signal to the backstage, thus Sonny, holding a cake on his hands, and Kit came along. It was time to sing Happy Birthday to Sophie. So, it was the first time I was seeing Sophie live and also got the chance to sing Happy Birthday to her. Isn’t that special?!

After singing Wanderlust songs she changed her dress and came up with an astonishing and sparkling transparent black dress which made her feel more comfortable to jump around and perform her dance songs.

The particularities between the two gigs were that on the first she picked a song to perform from “Shoot From The Hip”, “I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want”, as a linking piece to “Wanderlust”, whereas on the second gig she chose “What Have We Started”, from “Trip The Light Fantastic”. Also on the first day, besides Sonny and Kit participations, Sophie also had Mara Carlyle playing a SAW(!) on “When The Storm has Blown Over”.

The final part of the concert was really breathtaking for me. Interlude is one of my favorites from the album and I wasn’t expecting her to sing it because people from previous gigs wrote that she hadn’t performed it on this tour. So, in London, she said bye and in a minute appeared upstairs in the balcony with Ed Harcourt and sang it, only with her sweet voice. It was so beautiful that I cried. I also relate this song to my trip to London, because I had to fly 12 hours from Rio to London to make the dream of meeting Sophie come true. So, it was really special for me to see Sophie performing it.

At the end of the concert, she was available to meet anyone who wanted to. So I was there to meet her on both days! She was surprised when I told I was from Brazil and more surprised when I said I was from Sophie Online. She thanked me for the birthday gift I gave her and signed posters for me and Isabela. She told me this tour won’t have a DVD, but maybe the next one. It’s a pity, because the concert at the Union Chapel was truly epic! She was so adorable with everyone! I was very nervous both times to meet her, I was a bit goofy and shaking a bit LOL. When I left the Chapel on the first day, after meeting her, I had to take a time outside to calm down and then go back to the hotel. There were a lot of things I’d like to ask her, but I decided not to because the line to meet her was too long and I didn’t want to be selfish. So I tried to be as quick as I could. She also left a short video message to Sophie Online, which I’ll share with all of you here.

Meeting Sophie was like falling through a dream that I will never forget it. When I close my eyes, it’s like I’m still at the Union Chapel and I can feel Sophie’s voice echoing and toying in my mind.

She says:

Hello to everybody at Sophie Online. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and thank you for my lovely birthday presents. I loved the apron as well!


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Sophie Online meets Sophie
On 11 April 2014

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I'm really happy to say that after 11 years, Sophie Online has finally met Sophie Ellis-Bextor herself. Wextor is currently in London and he attended both gigs on Thursday and Friday.

He was kind enough to take some birthday gifts for Sophie on behalf of our site.

He met her both nights and Sophie has even left us a message on a video, which we'll be posted as soon as Wextor gets back to Brazil. He'll also write a post about meeting our idol!

Thanks, Wextor! I can't wait to hear from you

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Happy birthday, Sophie!
On 09 April 2014

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Sophie Online would like to wish Sophie a wonderful, wonderful day and may the crowd in London's concert tonight be her best birthday gift ever!

Make Sophie proud and have fun, Londoners!

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Wanderlust tour kicks off!
On 08 April 2014

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Wanderlust tour kicked off yesterday night in Birmingham and two of your forum members shared the setlist and some other details with us.


1. Birth of an Empire
2. Until the Stars Collide
3. Runaway Daydreamer
4. I Am Not Good at Not Getting What I Want
5. The Deer & the Wolf
6. Young Blood
7. A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed
8. 13 Little Dolls
9. Wrong Side of the Sun
10. Love Is a Camera
11. Cry to the Beat of the Band
12. Take Me Home
13. Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
14. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)
15. Sing It Back
16. Murder on the Dancefloor
17. Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)
18. When the Storm Has Blown Over
As you can see, only Interlude was left out.

There are also T-shirts and mugs available to buy and Sophie spent some time after the concert to sign CDs .

Wextor is attending two concerts, so let's hope he comes back with some exciting news to share with us .

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Behind the mic: video
On 24 March 2014

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Part of the campaign Sophie for Marks & Spencer:

I was about 16, a friend of a friend was looking for a singer for a band he was forming and I thought that would be a nice thing to tell my grandkids I did once. So I joined this band and then when I was on stage doing the music I thought, 'I've found it, I've found the thing I've been looking for' and haven't really looked back.

My album that's out now, my fifth album 'Wanderlust' is a bit of a departure for me because I suppose I'm more known for making disco pop, which I still love but I really felt that I'd come to this point where I want to do something a bit different and then I started writing songs with Ed Harcourt whom I think is a brilliant British singer/songwriter. And there's just tones of stuff I've never done before and it was really exciting. It was like a big present to myself really because I also made the album myself without a label so that felt pretty grown up.

I think my style is quite feminine but a little bit retro inspired, I do like the odd vintage garment and quite classic really but also a bit playful, I'm not frightened of bright colours or bold patterns or stuff like that. I think fashion should be fun and should make you feel good and enhance your mood and I think ultimately as well, it doesn't matter if you get it wrong sometimes. It's better to do that than be sort of boring I suppose.

I have three little boys and when I first had Sonny I was just passed my 25th birthday and I think the idea of not working hadn't really occurred to me. Obviously my priorities have definitely shifted and it's much more about the children and getting the balance right. I'm sure like a lot of working parents some weeks you think I've really done this well and other weeks you think this has been terrible and I've either neglected my work or more likely I feel like I haven't had enough time with the kids so then you just have to shift things around a bit and I'm fortunate because I can say if I need a break I can say right, I'm taking this time off and if I want to bring my kids to work I can so I've actually spent more time now as a singer with children than a singer without. It's kind of all we know and we just get on with it.

Yeah it was funny doing Strictly because so much of Strictly Come Dancing is all about costume. I suppose I used a to get into character really. I think the wardrobe department were phenominal. They were turning around everybody's frocks and all the guys outfits within a week. I loved the way it was all so sparkly and flamboyant. It was pretty kitch and you know, when else am I going to get the chance to wear a paso double outfit.

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Sophie on Sunday Express
On 23 March 2014

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Sophie's on the cover of today's issue of Sunday Express. You can check her interview and scans below. Thanks littlefish for donating the scans!

SHE'S the Strictly star with the world at her feet but the singer will always find time for romance – and possibly baby number four...

When it comes to her husband, Sophie Ellis-Bextor admits she’s a little on the self-centred side.

She and Richard Jones, bassist with the band The Feeling, constantly work at keeping romance alive. “Maybe it’s a result of having our first child when we were young but we’ve always been a bit selfish about our marriage,” she says.

“We prioritise it and make sure we have time for each other. We’ll go out for dinner one night a week, and even on a night at home we make sure we have a proper supper and chat about each other’s days.”

Some might say you would need a rock-solid relationship to survive the “Strictly curse”, with many contestants breaking up with their partners after the show. Sophie is reluctant to comment on runner-up Susanna Reid’s split from her long-term partner Dominic Cotton... read more.

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Sophie for Mark & Spencer
On 22 March 2014

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Check out Sophie's interview for Mark & Spencer:

Singer, songwriter, Strictly Come Dancing finalist and mother of three: meet Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the ultimate modern mum.

I’ve been making music for about 16 years now, which is really scary. There have been many highlights along the way, but the first time I felt a little tingle and thought, ‘Oh this is exciting’, was when I was with my first band, theaudience. We went to an awards ceremony and Debbie Harry walked in just before me. I remember hearing the photographers shouting ‘Debbie, Debbie’, and then as I followed, they started calling my name too. That was a real ‘wow’ moment – not only to see Debbie Harry in the flesh... read more.

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Sophie on Loose Women
On 18 March 2014

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Sophie was interviewed on Loose Women yesterday. She talked about her career, Strictly Come Dancing and her new album, Wanderlust. She also performed her new single, Runaway Daydreamer.

You can already download it at Video Vault or watch it on Soph Media. Thank you, littlefish for sharing it with us.

I've also uploaded the screencaps:

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Sophie defies gravity
On 13 March 2014

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Sophie went on a zero gravity flight to launch new Walkers Pop, in Houston - Texas.
I don't think anything can beat that first feeling of weightlessness! I had no control over my limbs when I was just spinning around but it felt gorgeous and is certainly the most bonkers place I've ever eaten a crisp. 
It feels a bit like I'm following in my mum's footsteps as she became a qualified skydiver while working for Blue Peter and she's a real fan of trying new things.
It was certainly a challenge to be graceful while floating around the cabin but hopefully I pulled it off.
My kids were really excited to see the pictures, they can’t quite believe that mum endured the same conditions that astronauts train in
Check out behind the scenes:


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